Wednesday, May 13, 2009

post #6 research

I'm planning to interview a friend of mine from Japan.
My research question is, how has globalization helped immigrants in the United States?
The interview questions are:
1)When did you move to the US?
2)how long have you been in the US?
3)What made you move here?
4)How was it like, when you first moved here?
5)have you benefited in anything by moving to the US?

Monday, April 27, 2009

gender roles interms of work.

when i was little, people always say that women are suppose to work at home. they are to do house chores and also look after their kids. the men were also said to be the breadwinners. they are supposed to work outside home and get some income for the family. my mum was in that situation. she had to stay home and cater for us and my dad provided for the family. but now, it isn't like that anymore. she is working and also earning more than my dad. she is actually providing more for the family. i believe women can do what men do and vice versa. once they have the strenght to work at any field, they shouldn't be ignored.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Oh!! when it comes to status, all that my extended family think about is education. They believe having good education makes a person have a better life. Through it one can have a better job.
As they always say "it is the key to success". To them, it doesn't matter the level of education you get to but at least go college, study something you like and that will get you somewhere.
I agree with them because looking at the generation now, there are so many unskilled people living under low wage income. Many white color jobs now reqires a higher education level.
without it ................